How To Recover From Bootloop on Android Devices–Ultimate Guide

Bootloop (boot loop) is something that most Android user familiar with. This is not the fault of Android but a result of openness of Android. Due to its openness, we have some great developer around who bring new ROMs, MODs and Themes regularly. And, that’s the most enjoyable part of Android. You get so many […]

Download & Install About 500 Fonts on Your Galaxy Device (No Root)

We tend to get bored if we use same thing again and again. That’s why we buy new mobile and sell the old. However, buying a new mobile isn’t affordable for everyone and sometime we even wait for new flagship smartphone from our favorite manufacturer to come into market. In such case we can make […]

Recovery Mode For Various Android Smartphones & Tablets

Entering recovery mode is a must when you want to install a ROM or perform a system task that otherwise isn’t possible. Recovery Mode is especially useful when you lost your lock password or pattern and you think performing a hard reset is the only option. Custom recovery (CWM recovery, TWRP recovery etc.) let you […]

How to Boot Android 4.1+ into Safe Mode

If you use Windows operating system then you most likely already know what Safe Mode is. In safe mode only the OS run with default programs. Same thing happens when you boot into Safe Mode on any Android device including smartphone, tablet or camera. By logging into safe mode you can easily get rid of […]

How To Verify Android Device is Rooted or Not

We always told you, every Android device should be rooted because a rooted Android device such as smartphone and tablet will offer you complete control over your device and give you freedom of uses. You can then can install custom recovery (such as CWM recovery or TWRP recovery) easily, can use apps that require Super […]

How To Turn On USB Debugging on Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

Activating USB Debugging option is little different in Android 4.2 Jelly Bean than what we used to see in earlier version. If you recently updated your Nexus device with official Android 4.2 Jelly Bean OTA release then you probably already noticed that there is no USB Debugging option under settings as Developer Options no longer […]

How To Get 50GB Of Free Space From Box.Com on Android Device

Box apps for Android allow you to view and share files from anywhere on cloud. By default Box apps offer your 5GB of free storage of which ultimately make its easy to access and edit your files, share content and stay connected with your team or friends from anywhere on any device. Before discussing […]

Beautiful Battery HD Widget To Track Battery Health

Most battery widget out there comes with several useful features but the widget not look that much attractive. If you are someone who like to be stylish and want to portrait the same in their Android device then try Beautiful Battery HD Android app. Beautiful Battery HD app is a battery widget that feature modern […]

How To Boot Into Recovery Without Key Combination

Recovery mode is one of the hidden chamber of any Android device, no mater its tablet, camera or smartphone. Recovery mode very helpful in critical situation such as, when you forget your security password or pattern and you absolutely don’t have any clue of recovering it; solution is, boot into recovery mode and then wipe […]

How To Backup EFS Folder in Samsung Android Devices

Every Samsung Android devices comes with the infamous EFS folder. So, what EFS folder have and why backup is very important here? EFS folder is the very sensitive system folder that contains Phone-specific information such as the IMEI (encrypted in the nv_data.bin), wireless devices MAC addresses, product code (also in the nv_data.bin), and much more. […]