How To Send SMS From Your Computer or Android Tablet Using Phone Number

Apart from smartphone, Computer and Tablet are two digital gadget that many of us deal with daily basis. Though, when a SMS come or we need to send SMS, have to find out that little smartphone that have the ability built-in. When you are busy or need to deal with many people by SMS while in your computer or tablet, the process look very time consuming.

To rescue from this awkward, unproductive situation Android developer comes with a powerful solution. You can now send SMS right from your laptop or desktop (no matter what OS you use – Windows, Mac or Linux) or Android tablet using your Android smartphone SMS send and receive ability without actually touching it. All you need to do, install an App on your Android smartphone and allow your smartphone to access internet.

To send and receive SMS right on your computer you need to install MightyText Android App. On the other hand, to send and receive SMS from your Android tablet you need to install smsSync app in both of your Android devices.

MightyText – SMS from Computer: This app let your computer use your Android smartphone number and facility to send and receive SMS. All you need to do, first install MightyText – SMS from Computer Android app in your computer. Once installed you have to allow the app to use your gmail id (only id will be used as identifier, not any other details). The service then send you an email using which you have to set up your browser (Firefox, Chrome, Safari or IE). You can then send and receive SMS using MightyText web interface. Here you should remember, though the service is free but standard SMS charge is applicable as per your mobile carrier. [Play Store]


smsSync lite: This is a free Android app that let you send and receive SMS right from your tablet using your normal phone number. All you have to do, install this app in both Android smartphone and tablet. Then follow setup wizard to configure everything. It’s not that hard though. Then make sure both devices is connected on the same WiFi network. Now connect both devices using Android Beam. Once you are connected the devices will be synced and you can send and receive SMS messages from your tablet. The method is simple, you write an SMS on your tablet using smsSync lite interface, it will then synced with your smartphone and then smsSync lite instruct your smartphone to send the synced SMS in desired number. [Play Store]


Hope both of this free tool save your good amount of time and let you enjoy your computer and tablet more productively.