Light Up Christmas–A Puzzle Game For Christmas with 140+ Puzzles

Christmas 2012 is on its way and more or less we all started our preparation to celebrate this holy festival. To spice up things a little we are here with a new puzzle game for your Android smartphone – Light Up Christmas.

This Christmas themed game Light Up Christmas comes with more than 140 engaging puzzles that you can try out. In this game all you have to do is set the connections in each puzzle so our modern fiber optic Christmas trees receive light from the emitter and the Christmas magic begins.

Though the thing look little simple but not really is. The initial puzzles are quite easy but it will become brain teasing as you try out more advance levels. Once you solve a puzzle a sweet Jingle Bell tone come out.



So, enjoy this Christmas with something more brain teasing.

Note: The game is available in English and Portuguese language.

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