HTC Wildfire S: Root & ClockworkMod Recovery Installation

In previous page, you learn what to do before proceeding for rooting and installing ClockworkMod recovery aka CWM recovery. In this page we will continue our step-by-step guide. First we will install ClockworkMod recovery and then using CWM recovery we will root HTC Wildfire S. To achieve our purpose, first you need to download HTC Wildfire S All-In-One Toolkit by hasoon2000 and then follow below mentioned guide as it is.

File Required(Download by clicking on it)

  1. HTC Wildfire S All-In-One Toolkit [Filename: Wildfire_S_All-In-One_Kit_v1.0.rar]
  2. CWMR  [Filename: recovery-clockwork-]

How to Install ClockworkMod (CWM) Recovery on HTC Wildfire S

  1. Extract downloaded Wildfire_S_All-In-One_Kit_v1.0.rar in a folder of your.
  2. Now connect your mobile to your computer. Make sure it’s on charging mode and SD Card isn’t mounted.
  3. Run exe file located under extracted folder [see step 1]. If your device bootloader isn’t unlock then you can use this tool to unlock it first.
  4. Rename recovery-clockwork- to cwm5028.img. Then copy cwm5028.img to HTC Wildfire S All-In-One Toolkit folder/Data folder/recoveries and replace the one inside.
  5. Come back to HTC Wildfire S All-In-One Toolkit window. In recovery section select Your Own Recovery and then click on Flash Recovery.
  6. Wait few seconds and ClockworkMod recovery v5.0.2.8 is now installed on your HTC Wildfire S.

CWM Recovery now installed, it’s time to root HTC Wildfire S now. [To boot into CWM recovery press and hold Volume Down button and Power button together]

How To Root HTC Wildfire S

  1. Now, boot into recovery. To do so, select Boot into Recovery under Commands section in HTC Wildfire S All-In-One Toolkit and then click on Do Command.
  2. Once your device is in recovery, select Perm Root (GB/ICS) under Extras section in HTC Wildfire S All-In-One Toolkit and then click on run.
  3. When everything done, reboot your device.  To do so, select Reboot Phone under Commands section in HTC Wildfire S All-In-One Toolkit and then click on Do Command. You can now disconnect your device.

Congrats! You now have rooted HTC Wildfire S with ClockworkMod Recovery installed on it. You can now install apps that require root access as well as flash custom ROM through CWM Recovery. You can use the same tool to install TWRP custom recovery.


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  • Kev Roberts

    EXCELLENT!! Worked great, had been trying to root this phone for AGESSSSSS!

  • Teck

    how to unroot?

    • arafat21

      You need to install official firmware to unroot it.

      • Teck

        i mean is there any tutorial for it?

        • arafat21

          Right now, we don’t have any tutorial for that but we will definitely right on it to help you out.

          • Teck

            thanks man.. im just trying to root my phone and flash a custom rom.. but afraid if anythings get out of hand.. so trying to see if there’s a way to revert the phone to original state

  • Vijay Khaitan

    Hi Arafat,

    I am trying to root my wildfire S and till now succeeded in loading CWM image.I am getting stuck while performing step2 under “How To Root HTC Wildfire S”

    Here I am getting a black screen with red exclamation mark by saying in cmd prompt as

    H:Wildfire_S_All-In-One_Kit_v1.0data>adb push Su/ /s
    * daemon not running. starting it now on port 5037 *
    * daemon started successfully *
    error: device not found
    Go to Install Zip From SD Card
    Choose Zip From SD Card
    Locate and flash it
    Press the back button and then reboot the phone
    You are now rooted!
    H:Wildfire_S_All-In-One_Kit_v1.0data>adb reboot recovery
    error: device not found
    Press any key to continue . . .

    and hence its not rooted till yet.

    Any suggestion to overcome this and to solve it out.

    Waiting for your reply.

    Best Regards,


    • arafat21

      Give us sometime, we will try to find out what problem going on.