How To Use Android Phone As High-Speed USB Modem

Did you know you can share your Android smartphone or tablet data connection with your PC? The process typically called USB tethering. This is very useful when you require internet connection in your PC for certain task (for example, visit a website that can only be opened in older IE) and you don’t have any other way to connect it to the web.

If your computer in running Windows 7 or latest Linux distribution such as Ubuntu then you usually don’t require to do anything, your computer is already prepared for tethering. If your PC ask for a driver then go to ‘Windows Update’ when USB tethering is on then click on check for updates. You should see some update about your driver there, check it and install it. If you are a Windows XP user you require to download configuration file tetherxp.inf and required to install it manually when New Hardware Wizard pop up (after you turn on USB tethering). It’s all set now, how to turn on USB tethering in Android smartphone then?

Follow the below procedure to turn on USB tethering in Android phone:

1. Connect your phone to PC using USB cable.

2. Press menu button (button located in bottom left) and then tap on Settings.


3. Now touch Wireless & networks and then tap on Tethering & portable hotspot.



4. Check USB tethering and your android phone or tablet then starts sharing its mobile network data connection with your computer, via USB connection. An ongoing notification icon is added to the System bar, to the left of the time.


5. Uncheck USB tethering to stop sharing your data connection. You can also disconnect the USB cable to stop tethering.

Another good way to access your existing mobile data connection is Wi-Fi hotspot that allow you to share data up to eight device at once, where USB tethering allow only one device. However, Wi-Fi hotspot drain your battery charge in no time where USB tethering share data and charge your battery simultaneously.

Hope this small guide help you to use your existing mobile data connection for PC in emergency situation.

**This guide tested on Samsung Galaxy ACE but will work with any other Android powered phone.