How To Turn On WiFi When Phone Is Locked

If you forget your lock pattern, PIN or Password the easiest way to get back is, sign in into your Google Account and then reset it. Now, the problem arrive when the device (smartphone or tablet) is locked and you don’t have Wi-Fi activated (assuming you don’t have mobile data).

So, how we going to resolve it? The possible solution is, through adb command. All you have to do, connect your device to your computer and execute some adb commands.

Now what is adb? ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge which is a command line tool that let you communicate with a connected Android-powered device. To run adb commands you must download Android SDK package and set up ADB/Fastboot on your computer. You should also have proper device driver installed before executing adb commands.

Connect WiFi While Device Locked


You are not responsible for anything that happen to your device after following the tutorial. Use it at your own risk.


1. Install Android SDK to perform adb commands. [Guide]

2. Install required USB drivers for your device on your computer. [Download USB drivers]

Steps to Turn on WiFi When Android Device is Locked

1. First open platform-tools folder [or folder where adb.exe is located]. Now press Shift button and then right click on white space. A content menu will appear, select ‘Open command window here’.

2. Make sure adb recognises your phone by typing following command:

adb devices

3. Once you see your device details by executing above command, perform following 3 commands one by one:

adb shell
svc wifi enable

Wait few seconds and soon your device will be connected to WiFi (if available). You can then log in to your Google account and reset pattern, PIN, Password or another lock methods.

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