How to transfer files between Computer and Android Mobile Wirelessly

Despite having USB transfer option people prefer to transfer data using wireless network where possible. Two biggest reason behind this are – you don’t require to find out your USB cable and use it to make a connection among computer and PC and you don’t require to put your mobile near desktop to connect it with USB cable. Only disadvantage is, you should have sufficient charge in your battery during large file transfer because unlike USB transfer, in Wi-Fi transfer your battery won’t charged while connected.

To activate wi-fi transfer we required to install a file explorer. In this tutorial we will use ES File Explorer.

Download and install ES File Explorer and then follow the instruction given below.

Guide to transfer data between computer and Android mobile via Wireless Network

1. Your computer and your mobile phone should be in same wireless network. Make sure your mobile is connected to your Wireless network.

2. Open ES File Explorer. You will see a list of folders and files that available in your SD card.


3. Drag the screen to left and you will be now in LAN screen. Tap on Search icon and wait few seconds; you will see a list of available computers that are connected with your LAN. Tap on that computer where you want to transfer files/folders.


4. Insert log in details if required and then you will see a list of available shared folders.

5. To select an item in ES File Explorer you first required to tap on Select icon located at top. After tapping on Select icon you can then select Files and Folder that are shown in your screen by tapping on it.


6. After completing selection procedure tap on Copy or Cut icon on top. Then drag the screen to right and you will see your SD card data.


7. You can now tap on Paste icon to complete the copy or cut process. You can always tap on sub folders to browse it and then complete your copy, cut or paste job. There is also a delete option to delete selected item. You need to follow the same process to copy your SD card data to computer.

ES File Explorer can do more job than just wireless data transfer but in this article we only focus on its ability to help us transferring data among computers and Android mobile. If you stuck some where then share your problem in comment.