How to Password Protect Android Phone

As soon as you used to with your handset, it’s more likely you push important documents, images and sensitive data in your phone for regular use. Sometime protecting call records and SMS are very much important than anything, specially for business users. That’s why protecting your Android phone is very much important like most other phone.

In the world of Android, securing your data quite easy. There are lot of paid apps available in Google Play that can give you high quality security. But, you can still get a very good security without any apps. Android itself come with very good security options.

By default Android gives you three very good security options – Pattern Lock, PIN Lock and Password Lock.

Pattern Lock

Most touchscreen handset including Android handset comes with a Pattern lock option. In pattern lock, you basically required to draw lines by adding dots. You required to draw same image to unlock your phone.


PIN Lock

You probably already used to it. This is an old security method where you need to input numbers (at least 4) to lock your phone. Input the same number to unlock it.


Password Lock

This is something you already familiar with. Unlike PIN Lock, Password lock allow you to input alpha numeric, symbol and numeric characters. Your password will be much more stronger than PIN. The minimum character limits is 4.

How To Activate Password Protection


  1. Press menu key in your home screen and then tap on Settings.
  2. A screen will come up with a list of functions. Locate and tap on ‘Location and Security option.
  3. In next screen on Set screen lock.
  4. A screen will come up with four options. Tap on ‘Password and input your password in password field. You require to confirm the password then.

That’s it! Password lock is activated in your mobile. Once you lock your Android phone, only you and the person know the password can unlock it. Although a hard reset can unlock your phone but that will delete all your existing data in mobile.