How to Lock/Unlock Photos & Videos in Android Mobile

Protecting our private images and videos from public eye using password was hot trend in desktop. Now you can do the same with laptop. Don’t think I’m going to advice you, hide your folder in desktop. Any user with little tech knowledge can unhide the folder and view your content.  What about locking your gallery by password that also encrypt and hide the folder from desktop viewing! The desktop unhide feature won’t help anyone.

We already discuss about the default security that comes with each Android handset. However, those securities actually for whole device and not for only certain folders. You may not have enough courage to say No when your friends or parent ask your mobile to check out your activity then the default security of Android Operating System not going to help you.

Here is a very easy way to lock your whole gallery or folder or just few images with PIN or Password in a way that nobody can guess something is there – use Gallery Lock Free.

Gallery Lock Free

This is a free app with ads but can do the job that you looking for. However, before downloading you need to know something first – you have to unlock Pictures/Media Files before deleting Gallery Lock. Though you can hide the app from showing in the installed apps list but anybody can view the app from uninstall app section. If somebody uninstall the app then you will lose all your locked photos and videos. There is a chance to recover it if you immediately install the app and recover it by following path: Gallery Lock > Setting > Recovering Locked media. When the app is hidden from home launcher, you can execute the gallery by dialing #789.


How it work?

After running the app, go for a media scan first then tap on lock icon located on top. Select the folder or tap on the folder to select file/files that want to lock. Tap on ADD LOCK button after your selection. It will then process your request. To unlock tap on MENU icon first and then again tap on UNLOCK option. Then select the folders or files and tap on unlock to unlock it. You can adjust setting or hide the app from home launcher or set new password by tapping on SETTING icon.

Key Features:

  • Photo/Video Lock support.
  • Manage photo by folder.
  • Lock through sharing of gallery app.
  • Can hide launch icon and run app by dialing.
  • pincode/pattern password supports.
  • Slide Show of lock image
  • Edit folder, Move the folder of media

The only annoying factor about Gallery Lock Free edition is, apart from showing ads in bottom of the screen, it also use Push Notification Ads that will spam your notification bar. You can buy the pro version to avoid ads.

We hope this small guide help you to protect your private moments from public eyes.

  • ninocruz

    #789 not working… please help me…
    My pictures are saved there…