How to Check Battery Percentage in Android Phones

Like most other smartphone available in market Android handset too have major issue with battery life time. In most cases it hardly run a whole day. Though some new high-end Android phones like Samsung S III or HTC One X come with a bigger battery with good lifetime but most other Android device suffer in battery. You can read our Best Battery Saving Tips For Android Phone.

It’s sometime look very good idea to know the remaining battery life, especially when your are out from home or traveling. Sometime knowing battery percentage can save your Android mobile phone from permanent damage when you try to root your device. Knowing the remaining battery juice percentage is very much easy, just follow below procedure:

How to Check Battery Percentage in Android Phones

1. Dial *#*#4636#*#* and it will come up with four options – Phone information, Battery information, Usage statistics and Wifi information.


2. Tap on Battery information and it will show remaining battery level along with other related options including battery temperature, time since boot and battery health.


You can also use third party apps such as Battery Widget, Battery Solo Widget or any other similar apps to know your battery usage percentage right on your home screen.