How To Access All Google Play Services In Restricted Regions

The latest Google Play not only allow you to download free and paid application and games but also let you purchase books (and magazines), movies/TV shows and music. However, this additional Google Play feature currently restricted to US only unlike Apple App Store that allow accessing and buying content from most region. Surely, developer and Android fan hate such restriction and now found a hack that will allow everyone to access all Google Play features without Geographical restriction.


This hack that enable all Google Features outside US required a rooted Android phone. The hack is developed by XDA Senior Member kishankpadiyar and actually change few setting using different apps which ultimately fool Google Play and let you enter and enjoy both free and paid content that otherwise restricted. You should also have Play Store version 3.7.11 or 3.7.13 installed in your Android phone.

Follow the below given instruction to access All Google Play features outside US.

File Required (click to download)

  1. Play Store 3.7.11
  2. Market Enabler
  3. DroidVPN

Hack to access all Google Play services in restricted regions

  1. Download and install Play Store 3.7.11, Market Enabler and DroidVPN on your Android mobile.
  2. Sign up for a DroidVPN account. A free VPN account will be slow and can only provide 100mb/day.
  3. If you preinstalled Play Store 3.7.11 or Play Store 3.7.13 then go to App manager and delete play store data and cache.
  4. Now, open Market Enabler and choose any US carrier such as Tmobile or AT&T. To do so, tap and hold the carrier name and then select ‘fake this provider now’.
  5. Now open DroidVPN, login with your details and then tap on Start.

Open Google Play Store now and you should now able to access Google music, Google books and Google movies. You can even buy using your foreign card. Let us know, how everything goes for you!

source: XDA