Google Play Store 3.10.10 APK Download [Direct Download Link]

Google started to push Google Play Store v3.10.10 update. The Google Play Store is the most important app you have in your Android device as it allow you to easily download and install apps from Play Store. The update pretty small and we yet to find significant changes than what we see on Google Play Store v3.10.9.

However, according to various report this play store update have some tweaks on in-app billing, checkout, and authentication code. It’s look like it’s a minor bug fix update from Google.

Despite no major changes you may still love to have an updated Play Store. So, now check out features of Google Play Store 3.10.10 and then download the apk file. We have also included a tutorial that will help you to install this app if you don’t know the process.

Google-Play-Store -3.10.10

Google Play Store for Android Features:

Google Play Store app allow you to download apps, games, music and magazine easily from official Play Store. It also allow you to update those apps easily. The sync feature allow you to install apps right from web interface. You can learn more about Google Play Store in Play Store about page.

Download Google Play Store v3.10.10 APK For Android Devices

You can download Google Play Store v3.10.10 APK file form here: Download Google Play Store v3.10.10 APK.

To know how to install Google Play Store v3.10.10 APK file, visit next page. A full step-by-step guide is available there for you.

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  • Cassie

    Thank you SO MUCH. I spent hours on other sites trying to get this to work on my Zeki tablet so that I could access Google Play, but yours is the only one that worked! Good file plus simple & easy instructions. Thanks again!!!

    • arafat21

      Thanks for your input and kind words.

  • Felix

    Hello dear!
    I need your help.
    I bought a Galaxy note2 N7102 in China. I cannot install google play store, french language and gmail.
    Could you please help me rooting the phone to fully use it?
    Here are the GT-N7102 Legal information:
    Model number: GT-N7102
    Android version: 4.1.1
    Baseband version: N7102ZCAMA2
    Kernel version: 3.0.31-499949

    SMP PREEMPT Thu Jan 24 16:25:17 kst 2013

    Build number: JR003C.N7102ZCAMA7


    • arafat21

      Please visit this page, though the firmware is different but the rooting file is same; just follow this and you will able to root it:

      • Felix

        Dear Arafat

        Thanks for your quick reply.

        I followed the instructions and i installed rootValidator. But i still cannot access Google Play and google account.

        Please find picture of result.
        Kind regard!

        • arafat21

          First you need to root your device. Root validator only confirm root. You probably miss the second page: Root your device first and then install Google Play. It usually work, try it.

          • Felix

            i have rooted device then install Google Play. I cannot access google, google account.
            Rooting is OK, i have SuperSU icon on device.

          • arafat21

            If it still not work for you then we like to suggest you use appbrain, the next best solution for Android app when you can’t access Google Play.

          • Felix

            Thank you dear Arafat for your technical support.
            God bless you!

  • Kim San

    I have Note 2 N719KEAMA5

    anyone can root with gplay?

    pls advice