Christmas Toys–Android Puzzle Game For This Christmas

Christmas is coming and you probably searching for a game for you or your kid that can offer a festive feeling. What if we say we not only have a Christmas theme game but also added brain teasing puzzle! We are talking about Christmas Toys, an Android game than can make this festive season more fun.

In this app you basically need to complete given toy image by tapping on boxes that fall from top. The box contain parts of the toy that you need to complete. Initial levels are pretty easy but it become more challenging in higher level. However, still look easy but surely give some fun.


Features of Christmas Toys Android Game:

  • 20+ challenging levels puzzles
  • 10+ animated game characters
  • Bonus levels for most avid players
  • New Year 2013 Countdown Surprise!
  • Outstanding graphics
  • Funny sound effects and music
  • Constant FREE updates with new levels and animations

The game become more fun when you try to make a best score. So try this game with your friends and family.

In this age of smartphone, Christmas Toys Android app at least help minors to develop better reflex while teasing their mind with good puzzle.

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