Google Play Store 4.0.25 APK for Android – Download Link Available

Google Play Store v4.0.25 APK file is now available for download to use it in your all your Android devices including smartphone and tablets. The Google Play Store is the most important app you have in your Android device as it allow you to easily download and install apps from Play Store. Google Play Store […]

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Movies Database: IMDb Like App With Watchlist, Favorites & Filter Support

All movie lovers surely know about IMDb, the online movie database. There is an official IMDb apps available for Android device but it don’t support creating custom list and that’s where the Movies Database comes in. The app Movies Database still in beta but comes with good promises. With the help of this free Android […]

Spy your Love : Best Cheating Prevention and Detection Android app

Spy Your Love going to be your Valentine Day gift to your lover one in other way. Both take the resolution to be honest to each other and install this app. The app is called best because this work only when both of you installed it in your devices. So, a mutual understanding is required […]

Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper With Custom Options

We already comes to door step of holy Christmas and to enjoy this festival we all likes to decorate our surrounding with Christmas theme elements. So, why you leaving your mobile screen! Try Christmas Snow Live Wallpaper that support both smartphones and tablets. This live wallpaper allow you to customized background, change snow falling speed […]

Google Play Store 3.10.10 APK Download [Direct Download Link]

Google started to push Google Play Store v3.10.10 update. The Google Play Store is the most important app you have in your Android device as it allow you to easily download and install apps from Play Store. The update pretty small and we yet to find significant changes than what we see on Google Play […]

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Christmas Toys–Android Puzzle Game For This Christmas

Christmas is coming and you probably searching for a game for you or your kid that can offer a festive feeling. What if we say we not only have a Christmas theme game but also added brain teasing puzzle! We are talking about Christmas Toys, an Android game than can make this festive season more […]

Fun Run – Multiplayer Race: A Free Android Game

Fun Run is a multi-player Android game app that let you compete with other online friends in an unique race. And, no! no human body racing here but few cutest creature. Fun Run – Multiplayer Race will surely take away your boredom. The latest version which is Fun Run 1.1.2 comes with properly sorted online […]

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Dropbox v2.2.2 APK Download [Direct Download Link]

Dropbox android app let you use Dropbox cloud service right from your Android smartphone. This free cloud service lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere. The latest version which is Dropbox 2.2.2 comes with the ability to move files and folders right within your app. A Dropbox 2.2.2 APK download link available […]

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Shortcuts (Full Version)–Free Android App To Learn Keyboard Shortcuts of Popular Software

Keyboard shortcuts make your life lot easier as well as save your precious time. Just imagine instead of pressing Ctrl+C for copy or Ctrl+V for paste we try program menu to do the job; see how much time we save by just two shortcuts. Now, assume you learned 100% or even 50% of the available […]

Kindle 3.7.1 APK Download [Direct Download Link]

Kindle android app let you read books including thousands of Kindle books. The app is really helpful for book reader who don’t own an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet but still like to enjoy the vast kindle library right on their Android smartphone or tablet. The latest version which is Kindle 3.7.1 fixed the bug that […]

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