App review: The Polaroid Polamatic

What is the first thing that you think when we take the name Polaroid? I think the first thing that comes to mind is those 1 minute snaps take we used to call ‘Polaroids’ and obviously Polaroid camera. Now, Polaroid is a camera industry legend. So, when it debuts its photography app on Android, we […]

Skype 4.0 – Skype revamps app UI for Android

Skype has achieved much fame as the first free video calling app in the world. It has been pretty popular as an Android app too. It recently crossed the benchmark of 100 Million Android downloads. Therefore, as a present for Android users, it has revamped its User Interface, making the whole app more fluid and […]

5 Android apps that kids will fall in love with

Kids today are much ahead of what we were at their age. They are super smart and have knowledge of almost anything you can think of anything – in fact they are mini adults. Why not? They are totally updated with everything thanks to their increased exposure to the internet. Most of them own a […]

5 must have apps to make the best of your Android smartphone

The Google Play store has more apps than one can easily fathom. Apps are available for almost any purpose ranging from fun to office use. Many of these apps make everyday tasks easy and efficient. Some of them even let you take care of your health or even boast your sense of humour. But, some […]

Vine for Android: Review

Vine is one of those apps which Android users have waited impatiently for. The reason behind its popularity is that it has followed in the footsteps of Twitter, Facebook, Flickr and Tumblr, but instead of sharing statuses, images or GIFs, Vine users share videos. The app comes from the same stable as Twitter and is […]

5 funny Android apps that will make you smile

Many people go through too much for one person to bear, every day of their lives. This leaves us stressed, tired and anxious, but mostly it makes us super-cranky. We have a lot of stuff that helps us achieve the best number, the best efficiency and complete or goals on time. But we forget that […]

DuckDuckGo Search and Stories app launched for Android; doesn’t share your personal info

After the recent NSA leak, which showed that government snooped in on almost everything you do, whether it be your online interactions or phone calls, people have become hugely paranoid about their interactions. They should be, since no one likes their secrets out and their private lives spied on. Most of the people on this […]

Copy–DropBox Alternative–Free 20GB or More For Life

Copy is the new DropBox alternative we have now. This isn’t the very first time we noticing a DropBox alternative but well this is most likely only service that offering free storage for lifetime. There are still 50GB free DropBox storage offer available if you know the right process but that offer only last 2 […]

Download Google Play Store 4.1.6 APK

Google Play Store v4.1.6 is now rolled out and an APK file is also available to sideload it on your Android powered smartphone and tablet. The new Google Play Store v4.1.6 comes with many new features including change in open and uninstall button, Wishlist UI has changed from list to card style, Menu buttons for […]

How To Monitor Account Usage of Ting Prepaid Carrier on Mobile Devices

If you are a Ting prepaid carrier user and always wondering how to check your account data on the go on your Android powered mobile and tablet devices then we have a solution for you. This relatively new carrier in U.S. phone market Ting, recently introduced an official app on Play Store. The app support […]