Earn via your smartphone – The Locket app pays you watch ads on your lock screen

We have more than often accused smartphones of wasting time and money. But wouldn’t you be surprised if we told you that you could earn some cash just by looking at ads on your lock screen? Well, as smartphone innovation continue, new things will emerge like this endeavour via the locket app, which we welcome. […]

The Walking Dead: Assault debuts on Google Play

Did you get your share of zombie madness on TV lately? The Walking Dead has been just renewed for a fourth season on TV. How about getting your thrill from an Android game while you wait for the next episode? The Walking Dead: Assault game has just been released on Google Play. The game picks […]

Pac-Man Dash! comes to Google Play Store

Ever remembered the old days when we used to play Pac-Man on those old-school coin-operated machines. Yes, those were the golden days. But as a refreshing surprise, the game making a comeback – on your smartphones. Pac-Mac Dash! is a reinvented version of the classic Pac-man game. As is evident from the name, the Pac-Man […]

BBM for Android will finally be out for Android by September

BBM or Blackberry Messenger as it is called has been one of the reasons that Research-in-motion has been selling Blackberry phones for more than a decade. It was announced last year that this feature will finally be available on other platforms but there is finally a confirmation of its release for other platforms – Blackberry’s […]

5 Android apps you can use to text and call for free

If you fond of texting, you might end up racking up huge bills every month. But if you are still messaging by relying on your phone’s network – we have to say that you are living in the smartphone stone age. ‘SMS’ is a thing of the past; there are hordes of ways to communicate […]

5 fun Android games that everyone should have

What’s the best part of owning an Android smartphone? Is it the smooth interface? Or the accessibility to a humungous number of apps? Or the timely notifications? Well, none of those. The best part of having access to an Android handset is the huge number of awesome games, and anyone who gives you a different […]

How to save old family photos by using the Shoebox Android app

Most of us remember the past with fondness. Many off our happy and sad memories are embedded in the past, of which we have been able to crystallize only some in the form of photos. A photo is not just a graphic representation of people and objects; it holds the strands of time within and […]

Google Play Store improves User Interface, highlights good-looking apps

Google is known for its timely updates and the tweaks it introduces in every new Android update which make it look good. But the strength of Android also lies in its Play Store, which displays hordes of apps and gives Android users a chance to take their phone use to the next level by providing […]

How to enhance your photos using Android photography apps

Have you ever noticed the rise of so many maverick photographers nowadays? Almost everyone is a ‘professional photographer’ now. What would you attribute this to? Well, it is not possible for everyone to tote an SLR wherever they go. That is where sophisticated phone cameras and apps come in – they let you get the […]