Asus Transformer TF700–Official Bootloader Unlock Tool Download

Asus-Transformer-TF700Asus officially release Bootloader Unlock Tool for Asus Transformer TF700. Here at Best Android Tip we arrange a step-by-step guide that will help you to unlock Asus Transformer TF700 using said tool.

Note: Unlock can’t be reverted to lock again. Hence, your warranty will be void permanently and you no longer receive updates from Asus. But, did you really care that! We at Best Android Tips always help you to update your device using custom ROMs and firmware, thanks to all those devs who supply those.

Anyway, the following is a guide on how to use Bootloader Unlock Tool to unlock Asus Transformer TF700.

How to Unlock Asus Transformer TF700 with Asus Bootloader Unlock Tool

  1. Download apk from Asus support or from Dropbox
  2. Now transfer the file to SD card of your device.
  3. Install UnLock_Device_App_V7.apk using a file explorer.
  4. Now open Device Unlocked Tool that you just installed.
  5. An screen will arrive with Term Of Uses, just scroll down and agree to the term.
  6. You will see Asus Conditions “I accept” Big button “remove the device by pressing the lock”
  7. Then you will see your e-mail account you will be asked to ensure that the password “ok”.
  8. The device will be rebooted then. You will see a “Device is unlocked” text in upper left corner.

Congrats! You now own an unlocked Asus Transformer TF700 and can now easily install custom ROMs on it. So, what ROM you going to try first?